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State of Arkansas
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Arkansas Body Art Sterilization Guidelines

1. A set of individual wrapped sterilized needles shall be used by the artist for each new patron. Not less than 24 sets of sterilized needles and tubes or tips must be on hand for the entire day or night operation.

2. All needles shall be cleaned thoroughly before autoclaving. The use of an ultrasonic cleaner is recommended to remove blood, pigments and other foreign matter from the needles and tubes. The tubs and needles shall be run in the heated solution for a period of not less than 15 minutes and then thoroughly rinsed prior to autoclaving.

3. Sterilization of needles and tubes shall be accomplished by:

a. Holding in an approved autoclave for thirty (3) minutes at fifteen (15) pounds pressure at a temperature of 248 degrees F. or 120 degrees C. The use of approved autoclave packaging is required. The date the procedure is performed shall be written on the packaging. Indicator tapes ir strips for checking temperature shall be provided each time the autoclave is used.

b. Culture testing of sterilization equipment, using appropriate microbial spore strips, shall be required when deemed necessary be the Health Officer.

c. Approved closed cabinets for the storage if instruments, dyes, pigments, stencils, duplicated. All needles and instruments shall be stored in autoclave packaging and handles in such a manner as to prevent recontamination.

For complete code click here or contact:

Arkansas Department of Health
Division of Environmental Health Protection (Slot 46)
4815 W Markham Street
Little Rock, AK 72205




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