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State of Florida
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Florida Body Piercing Salons - Sterilization Guidelines

Sterilization procedures must include the following:

1. Proper autoclaving must be done according to the autoclave manufacturer's instructions.

2. There must be a sterilization indicator in each autoclaving to monitor the sterilization procedure. The indicator must indicate exposure to steam and 250° Fahrenheit.

3. Contaminated instruments must be sterilized in the following manner:

a. The contaminated instruments must be thoroughly cleansed with an antiseptic solution, according to the instructions for the antiseptic solution, and hot water.

b. The contaminated instruments and all other instruments, must be packaged properly and loaded correctly into the autoclave.

c. The contaminated instruments must be sterilized by autoclave.

4. All sterilized instruments must be stored and handled in a manner that maintains sterility.

5. Autoclaves must be cleaned regularly and serviced at least once a year.

6. Each body-piercing salon utilizing autoclave sterilization techniques must post the sterilization procedures and ensure that personnel responsible for performing the sterilization procedures are adequately trained.

7. All staff must be trained in proper infection-control procedures.

8. Presterilized, prewrapped, disposable instruments may be used, but must be used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

64E-19.005 Requirements For Sterilizing Jewelry and Instruments.

(1) All non-disposable instruments used for body piercing shall be cleansed and sterilized after each use in the manner prescribed in subsection 381.0075(11), including the temperature requirements. Autoclave sterilization shall be conducted for the cycle of time and corresponding operating pressure recommended by the manufacturer of the autoclave. Sanitizers used in the cleaning process must have demonstrated tuberculocidal activity, as indicated by the product label, and be registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Jewelry may be sterilized with a liquid chemical sterilant approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as long as the jewelry is sterilized according to the procedures on the product label.

(2) Unless otherwise specified by the autoclave manufacturer, instruments that are to be autoclaved must be packed individually in single use paper peel-packs or other containers designed for sterilizing instruments and marked with the expiration date. The expiration date shall not exceed 30 days from the date autoclaved.

(3) All sterilized instruments shall remain stored in sterilized containers until just prior to performing a body piercing procedure. Where several instruments are sterilized at the same time in the same container, such as in a single use setup, once the container is opened, any instruments not used immediately in a procedure must be resterilized.

(4) In addition to the indicator requirements of subparagraph 381.0075(11)(b)2., F.S., body-piercing salons shall demonstrate, using spore destruction tests, that their autoclaves are capable of attaining the minimum operating standards specified in subsection (1) above. These tests shall be performed every 40 hours of autoclave operation, but not less than on a quarterly basis. A log shall be kept to document the hours of autoclave operation, and the spore tests shall be verified through an independent laboratory.

(5) Autoclaves shall be cleaned at the frequency recommended by the manufacturer. Autoclaves shall be serviced at the frequency recommended by the manufacturer, but not less than once a year. A copy of the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and servicing the autoclave must be maintained on file in the salon.

(6) All clean or packaged sterilized instruments and supplies shall be stored in clean, dry closed cabinets or tightly covered containers.

Specific Authority 381.0075(10) FS.
Law Implemented 381.0075(10),(11) FS. History - New1-21-00.

The above are the guidlines for sterilization procedures only. For the entire Florida Statues Regulation of Body Piercing Salons (381.0075) click here



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