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State of Massachusetts
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Massachusetts Body Art Sterilization Guidelines

Model Regulations for Body Art Establishments January 23, 2001

C) Sanitation and Sterilization Measures and Procedures

(1) All non-disposable instruments used for body art, including all reusable solid core needles, pins and stylets, shall be cleaned thoroughly after each use by scrubbing with an appropriate soap or disinfectant solution and hot water, (to remove blood and tissue residue), and shall be placed in an ultrasonic unit operated in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.

(2) After being cleaned, all non-disposable instruments used for body art shall be packed individually in sterilizer packs and subsequently sterilized in a steam autoclave. All sterilizer packs shall contain either a sterilizer indicator or internal temperature indicator. Sterilizer packs must be dated with an expiration date not to exceed six (6) months.

(3) The autoclave shall be used, cleaned, and maintained according to manufacturer's instruction. A copy of the manufacturer's recommended procedures for the operation of the autoclave must be available for inspection by the Board. Autoclaves shall be located away from workstations or areas frequented by the public.

(4) Each holder of a permit to operate a body art establishment shall demonstrate that the autoclave used is capable of attaining sterilization by monthly spore destruction tests. These tests shall be verified through an independent laboratory. The permit shall not be issued or renewed until documentation of the autoclave’s ability to destroy spores is received by the Board. These test records shall be retained by the operator for a period of three (3) years and made available to the Board upon request.

(5) All instruments used for body art procedures shall remain stored in sterile packages until just prior to the performance of a body art procedure. After sterilization, the instruments used in body art procedures shall be stored in a dry, clean cabinet or other tightly covered container reserved for the storage of such instruments.

(6) Sterile instruments may not be used if the package has been breached or after the expiration date without first repackaging and resterilizing.

(7) If the body art establishment uses only sterile single-use, disposable instruments and products, and uses sterile supplies, an autoclave shall not be required.

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