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State of New Jersey
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13:28-6.20 Minimum equipment

(b) The minimum equipment required for schools shall be as follows:

4. Three marcel ovens and irons or three electronically controlled marcel irons;

9. Six canvas or styrofoam blocks;

26. A latherizer, one hone, one strop and electric clippers;


(c) Each school shall supply each cosmetology and hairstyling student with the following tools: two hair brushes, combs, 100 clips, cape, razor, shears, thinning shears, cold wave rods, end papers, rollers, tint brush or applicator bottle, hard rubber comb, marcel iron, blow dryer, protective eyewear, protective gloves, a manicuring kit with tips and wraps, a make-up kit, a tweezer, a cold wax kit, workbook and textbook.

(d) Each school shall supply each manicuring student with a kit having a pusher, files, emery boards, nipper, nail brush, orange wood stick, spatula, tips, wraps (non-adhesive), adhesive, sterilizer, finger bowl, appropriate creams, nail polish remover, styptic powder or liquid, protective eyewear, pedicure slippers, workbook, textbook, a tweezer, a cold wax kit, and a practice hand.

(e) Each school shall supply each skin care specialty student with a kit having one textbook, one workbook, one protective cloth drape, one pair of protective gloves, protective eyewear, two headbands, one shoulder cape, one package of cotton swabs, one roll of cotton, one box of tissues, six cleansing sponges, one package facial cotton pads, three spatulas, one sterilizer container with lid, a tweezer, a cold wax kit, one make-up kit, one set of makeup brushes, three terry cloth towels, one bottle of alcohol, one bottle of antiseptic, two 20-ounce bowls and one container of each of the following: cleansing cream, astringent, massage cream, moisturizer and all purpose masque.

13:28-6.21 Student standards and requirements

(d) Junior and senior students shall be distinguished as follows:

3. Junior manicuring students are those students who have completed less than 150 hours of their course in manicuring;

4. Senior manicuring students are those students who have completed 150 hours or more of their course in manicuring;

(e) Upon filing and acceptance by the Board of applications for permission to enroll in a teacher training course, student registration cards shall be issued by the Board. Students enrolled in a teacher training course shall comply with all Board rules and the rules of the particular school.




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