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State of Connecticut
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Connecticut Cosmetology Sterilization Guidelines

Sec. 20-243. Regulations concerning sterilizing of tools. Sanitation.

The Commissioner of Public Health, with advice and assistance from the board established under section 20-235a, may adopt in accordance with chapter 54 such regulations as the commissioner deems necessary to procure adequate sterilizing of tools and implements used by barbers in the practice of their occupation in this state, and for any other purpose that the commissioner deems necessary to improve the sanitary condition of barber shops and their surroundings.

Sec. 20-244. Sanitary appliances and equipment.

No barber shop and no barber shop in any school, college, private or public institution shall use or maintain any appliance or equipment that is insanitary or unclean. No towel, other than a fresh, separate and clean towel, and no hot towel other than one made hot by the use of hot, fresh running water, shall be used upon any patron or customer of any barber shop, or any barber shop in any school, college, private or public institution. No powder puff, finger bowl, sponge, styptic pencil, hair duster, lump alum or cuspidor shall be allowed in any barber shop, or in any barber shop in any school, college or private or public institution








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